How Safe is Glass Pool Fencing?

If you’re looking for the best fence option for your pool, you may be wondering, how safe is glass pool fencing? 

As the frameless glass pool fence specialists, Worth Pool Fencing is here to put your mind at ease. 

In this blog we outline the safety aspects of using glass panels for your pool fencing and why it is a smart choice for your pool area. 

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Glass Pool Fencing Safety

Our frameless glass pool is a sturdy option for your outdoor entertaining area. 

In fact – the chance of the panels breaking on their own is about one in a million! 

Why our frameless glass pool fencing is so safe

  • Our frameless glass pool fence panels are made from toughened glass similar to a car windshield 
  • Glass pool fencing meets all safety compliance standards and is suitable for use around children 

It would be incredibly rare for the panels of your glass fence to shatter, but on the off-chance they actually did, the glass would break into small pieces that won’t hurt or cut you, and they’re relatively easy to clean up.  

Tips to keep your glass pool fence in-tact

As we mentioned already, it is very uncommon for a pool fence made from our frameless glass panels to actually break.  

But it’s still important to take good care of your fencing to ensure its longevity.  

    • We don’t encourage leaning on the panels, as repeated pressure can put the glass out of alignment.  
    • We encourage people to mow or whipper snipper thoughtfully around the panels, as a sharp object, such as a rockdoes have the potential to damage the fence.  

Why Choose Worth Pool Fencing?

  • We are the frameless glass pool fence specialists. 
  • Our frameless glass pool fencing is stringently tested and exceeds Australian standards. 
  • We use only the highest quality materials on all of our fencing. 

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Worth Pool Fencing are the frameless glass pool fence specialists in Brisbane. Combining high quality materials, exceptional workmanship and old fashioned values we achieve stunning results every time.

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