Why Your Installer Should Make Pool Fence Regulations Easy

You shouldn’t be feeling out of your depth when it comes to rules about your pool fencing. Whether you have an old pool area that needs updating or you’re building a new pool, we’re here to tell you why your installer should make pool fence regulations easy.

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Why Your Pool Fence Installer Should be Familiar With Pool Fence Regulations

We know you want to be in your new pool as soon as possible. But you aren’t allowed to fill the pool with water until the fencing has been officially approved.

Some installers will come and put their part of the fence in and that’s it – even if you might be using part of your boundary fence (shared with neighbours) for the pool fencing.

At Worth Pool Fencing, we’ll advise you as much as we can about the requirements to pass your pool fence safety inspection and not just for the parts we install. We’ll also give you advice about the other areas of your fencing where we can. 

One of the things pool fence inspectors often pick up on is that the gate isn’t self-closing and latching at all open positions. This is a very important function and something we always make sure is done right.

We suggest frameless glass fencing rather than aluminium fencing because  the panels are strong and less likely to have the self-closing function stop working because of movement between panels and supports.

What You Need To Do As An Owner

As a pool owner, there are a few things you need to do to ensure your pool is a safe and enjoyable area for everyone.

  • CPR sign – a compliant sign must be attached to the pool fence or visible near the pool so anyone around the pool can easily see it.
  • Check other fencing located near the pool (make sure boundary fences are non-climbable).
  • Keep climbable objects away from barriers (chairs, branches, etc).
  • Be aware of the pool owner requirements on the QBCC website.

If you don’t comply with pool safety standards, you can be issued with on-the-spot fines.

DISCLAIMER:  This blog is current as of August 2019 and regulations change regularly so please check the QBCC website for more information.

Why Your Installer Should Make Pool Fence Regulations Easy

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