Where is the Best Place for a Pool Gate?

When installing new pool fences, we are often asked where is the best place for a pool gate?

It can be a decision based on many factors including where your pool is located compared to your house, personal preference and also safety.

If you’re undecided on the best location, talk to the team at Worth Pool Fencing before making this decision. Phone us on 0490 856 312 or send our team an online enquiry here.

Choosing the Best Pool Gate Location

Gate location is the most important element of the pool fence because everything gets designed around the gate location.

Gates can be wall mounted or they can be mounted to a hinged panel of glass. The smallest panel of glass you can attach a hinge to is 1m wide.

We find that the best looking option is hanging the gate from a glass panel and having it latch on to a glass panel. The larger the glass hinge panel, the better supported the gate will be.

You can upgrade to premium soft close hinges. These are really good quality and good for young children, so that you don’t have the noise of the gate slamming constantly.

Pool Gate Openings

Here are some factors to consider when deciding where you want your pool gate to go:

Client Testimonial Pool Gate Location

When it comes to your pool fence and gate location, it pays to have a chat to our team first. We can offer the best advice and help choose a spot that matches your pool area and yard perfectly!

“The quality of Luke’s work was excellent and he was friendly and easy to deal with. Would highly recommend Worth Pool Fencing to anyone!”
– Kellie B.

Where is the Best Place for a Pool Gate?

Whether you want one gate or two, get in touch with Worth Pool Fencing before installing your pool fence. Call us on 0490 856 312 or send an online enquiry here.

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